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The SH300i was conceived to satisfy commuting professionals and, since its launch in 2007 the scooter has made the streets of Europe’s great cities its own. Central to the machine’s appeal is its combination of a 280cm3 engine, which boasts the power to effortlessly tackle motorways and long commutes, and the amazing agility of a small-capacity scooter. This unique blend of abilities has helped the SH300i establish itself as the ideal machine for professionals in need of fast, efficient urban and suburban transport.

Key details like cast alloy 16" wheels for stability, motorcycle-style front suspension for superb road holding and a completely reliable, quiet and powerful fuel-injected engine, have given customers a refinement that is unmatched in this class of scooter.

To enhance its appeal to style-conscious professionals, the 2011 SH300i boasts all-new bodywork. Styled to blend the timeless step-through scooter aesthetic with fresh, 21st century design cues, the new SH300i also boasts a striking new wheel design and premium quality seat material. Beneath the surface, changes have been made to the scooter’s chassis, frame and suspension systems to cement its status as the best-handling and most dynamically refined machine in its class. The result is a chassis that’s every bit as sophisticated and versatile as the engine, as effortlessly adept at flitting down bumpy city streets as it is cruising the open road.

Main Features

- Higher level of quality for 2011, with sophisticated new design and premium quality seat material. New!
- Attractive 16” cast aluminium wheels, a new frame design and revised suspension systems for agile, intuitive handling and unrivalled high-speed stability. New!
- Spiral-design radial rear tyre for excellent grip and stability. New!
- Quiet and smooth fuel-injected 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with electric start and the power to deliver a fun and dynamic riding experience.
- Compact yet spacious step-through body offering generous legroom and a flat footboard for easy, positive control.
- Combined ABS offers the supremely confident control of an advanced Antilock Brake System
- Lockable underseat space and water-resistant front glove box with DC socket.


Timeless urban style  
Style is everything in the city, and for 2011 the SH300i has all-new bodywork to cut a confident yet understated dash on the street. The scooter’s new look is strikingly fresh. It combines classic scooter proportions with modern, dynamic lines that hint at the strong performance within. The sumptuous new seat material perfectly complements the scooter’s sophisticated lines.

Advanced multi-function instrument display  
Perfectly positioned to keep the rider’s eyes on the road ahead, the comprehensive instrument panel is styled with the same modern aesthetic as the rest of the machine. The display includes a speedometer, an emission indicator needle, a clock, two trip meters and an accurate fuel meter. A coolant temperature gauge and an oil change indicator further boost the machine’s outstanding ease of use.

Comfort and control  
The new SH300i retains the fully flat footboard of its predecessor, offering both plenty of legroom and intuitive control. The stepped seat and perfectly positioned handlebars create a riding position that’s as versatile as the engine, giving a comfortable ride whether travelling at walking pace or at motorway speeds. The low 785mm seat height, light kerb weight of 170kg for the Combined ABS version and short wheelbase make the SH300i supremely manageable, both on the road and when parking. The SH300i also boasts 45° of steering lock, further boosting low-speed agility. The stepped seat and retractable passenger footrests make the SH300i a safe and comfortable pillion machine too.


Refined performance  
Key to the new scooter’s superb performance and versatility is its liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 279.1cm3 engine. Employing a four-valve cylinder head and PGM-FI fuel injection, the engine boasts the power and torque to carve effortlessly through traffic. Throttle response is accurate and swift, giving controlled bursts of acceleration when the rider demands it, while an unwavering focus on reducing internal friction ensures the best possible fuel

Compact single-cylinder configuration  
Where the SH300i really scores over its rivals is in its combination of compact dimensions and strong performance, and the engine’s compact size is essential to this. The unit produces 20kW of power and 26.5Nm of torque; yet it can be packaged within the short 1422mm wheelbase without compromising the underseat storage compartment.

PGM-FI Fuel Injection  
The new SH300i employs Honda’s advanced PGM-FI fuel injection system for responsive power and impressive fuel economy. The system also ensures optimised running in all conditions, as well as boosting reliability thanks to its consistent performance.

Automatic V-Matic transmission  
As befits a machine designed for performance and ease of use, the SH300i uses a centrifugal clutch and automated V-Matic transmission. Instant acceleration is only ever a twist of the wrist away.

Reliability and low running costs  
The single-cylinder engine needs very little by way of maintenance and is fuel efficient, giving a range of over 250 kilometres from the compact 9-litre fuel tank. Liquid cooling and the engine’s sealed crankcase design, which separates the oil reservoir from the crank cavity, further enhance reliability and performance.

Catalytic converter  
The 2011 SH300i uses a 300-cell dual-core catalyser and an oxygen sensor in the exhaust to keep emissions to an absolute minimum.


New frame  
The new SH300i uses an underbone type steel frame – an elegant solution that ensures chassis rigidity and a low kerb weight while also being compact, giving plenty of space within the body of the scooter. For 2011 the design of the frame has been revised to further improve high-speed stability together with increased front axle diameter resulting in a feeling of a stronger new machine that is rock-solid at speed, refusing to weave even when fully loaded.

Optimised geometry  
Compact physical dimensions result in a supremely agile machine. The wheelbase of just 1422mm results in peerless manoeuvrability on busy city streets and twisty country roads alike. Stability is also superb; the new frame design ensuring the SH300i retains its composure even over rougher roads.

Sophisticated suspension systems  
Premium suspension components derived from motorcycle technology ensure total control and superb rider feel. The settings on the 35mm front telescopic fork and rear dual-damper unit swingarm have been revised on the new scooter for enhanced high-speed stability and control. Meanwhile, the use of lightweight alloys in key areas like the swingarm and wheels gives a sophisticated ride quality and a fun and highly responsive handling feel. The revolutionary ‘floating link’ unit swingarm pivot system also lowers vibration, enhancing rider comfort.

Big wheels; powerful brakes  
Large-diameter wheels are key to stability and user-friendly handling on scooters, and the 2011 SH300i uses new cast alloy 16” wheels front and rear. To further enhance the machine’s handling, the rear wheel is fitted with a new Mono Spiral radial tyre. In line with the scooter’s requirement to offer superb performance with high levels of safety, the SH300i uses Combined hydraulic disc brakes. On most scooters the front and rear braking systems are independent, but the Combined system fitted to the SH300i links them to deliver highly effective braking in all situations. Braking security is further enhanced on the SH300i by the addition of an Antilock Brake System.

Standard Equipment

Combined ABS  
The Combined ABS version of the SH300i provides complete braking security regardless of weather and road conditions. The system’s ECU uses sensors to monitor the speeds of the front and rear wheels. If these sensors detect that one wheel is beginning to rotate more slowly than the other, suggesting the first hint of tyre slip, the Combined Antilock Braking System modulates the braking effort to ensure full grip is retained, maximising braking ability. The result is a greatly improved level of rider and passenger safety.

Optional Equipment

The SH300i can be equipped with a wide range of optional Genuine Accessories to enhance its elegant styling and impressive comfort and convenience. The accessories have been specially designed by Honda Access Europe for the SH300i and include:

35L top box Turn the SH300i into an even more practical machine with the addition of Honda’s 35L top box. The box will carry a full-face helmet – and more besides – and the lid matches the model colour with a backrest pad for the passenger. It is secured on a lockable, quick-detach mounting system. High windscreen For additional wind protection the SH300i is available with a high screen, which conforms to European homologation standards. The unit, which incorporates knuckle guards as standard, is manufactured from clear polycarbonate and fixes perfectly to the SH300i with covered stainless steel stays. Scooter blanket Honda’s scooter blanket is also available for your SH300i, made from black, water-repellent fabric with sturdy zips to keep you protected. If you need extra warmth, there’s an insulated lining for cold damp mornings. If conditions are really inclement, a chest cover offers additional protection. An integral cover keeps your seat dry while your scooter is parked. Other Honda SH300i accessories:  - U-lock  - Top box inner bag  - Outdoor cover  - Heated grips Honda assurance You can be sure that, like any other Genuine Honda Accessory, all those for the Honda SH300i fit perfectly because they have all been developed alongside the model. They are all subject to Honda’s rigorous testing procedures to make sure they adhere to our exacting quality standards, which is why they’re offered with a two-year Honda warranty.