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The Integra takes its name from the fact it integrates the ease of use of a scooter with the dynamic performance of a motorcycle. It has a feet-forward riding position, protection from the elements, internal storage and the advanced three-mode transmission in the shape of the second generation of Honda’s innovative Dual Clutch Transmission. At the same time it offers stability, handling and superb road-holding. The result is a unique and desirable modern machine, conceived to deliver a totally engaging riding experience while benefiting from the environmental and safety technologies customers expect of a 21st century vehicle.

At the heart of this new machine is a purpose-built engine and transmission package. The liquid-cooled, in-line 2-cylinder 670cc engine is a lightweight and compact unit positioned to give a low centre of gravity. It offers strong torque at low to medium engine rpm, where riders spend the vast majority of their riding time, together with a very usable power delivery, low emissions and superb fuel efficiency. The engine works with the second generation of Honda’s innovative Dual Clutch Transmission, which provides the convenience and ease of use of an automatic with the optional control of a manual mode should the rider choose.

Keywords like ‘fun’, ‘easy’, ‘comfort’ and ‘safety’ helped inform the design and engineering of the Integra. Although the new engine and Dual Clutch Transmission were critical to fulfilling the brief, the chassis too had to be truly versatile. Responsive handling was a given in order to deliver an involving and enjoyable riding experience, but the machine also needed the stability and ride quality required to commute on all kinds of roads.

Main Features

Dynamic performance  
Motorcycle riding experience: Mounting the engine and advanced transmission in a rigid steel diamond frame, the Integra offers the stability and handling performance of a conventional motorcycle. High-specification suspension, C-ABS, large-diameter 17" wheels and wide 120/70 front and 160/60 rear wheels and tyres further enhance the riding experience.

All-new engine  
Compact and fuel efficient new 2-cylinder engine: An all-new 670cc in-line two cylinder unit developed to offer superb fuel efficiency (78.8mpg) together with strong performance particularly at low and medium engine rpm, the engine is key to the Integra’s fun riding experience and all-round versatility.

Advanced transmission  
Second generation Dual Clutch Transmission: The Integra’s Dual Clutch Transmission uses two clutches to deliver fast and smooth gearshifts in a choice of three modes. Manual (MT) allows the rider to shift gears using triggers mounted on the left handlebar, while automatic mode (AT) offers two settings: S for sporty riding and D for urban and highway use.

Stylish practicality  
Innovative styling, complete comfort: The Integra is a bold and original styling statement, fusing new forms, slick surface treatments and strong lines. It offers a high level of wind protection and a relaxed, comfortable riding position.

Optional Equipment

The versatility of the Integra can be further enhanced with a range of genuine Honda accessories.

Narrow pannier kit
These hard panniers increase luggage capacity without making the Integra too wide to slip through congested city traffic. Combined capacity of 29 litres.

Pannier colour panel
Fit these attractive colour panels to personalise the optional pannier kit.

Pannier inner bag
These inner bags fit neatly within the panniers, making loading and unloading more convenient.

Large top box
With 40 litres capacity, this hard plastic top box increases practicality by providing a large and secure storage compartment.

Top box
With 35 litres of capacity, this top box ensures ease of use by virtue of its one-key functionality.

Top box inner bag
A smart soft inner bag that fits neatly inside the top box, maximising storage space while also making loading and unloading more convenient.

Leg deflector
These additional bodywork panels mount to the main body of the vehicle, further improving the Integra’s already impressive levels of wind and weather protection.

Alarm kit
Wires in to the Integra’s electrical system to provide a powerful anti-theft deterrent.

Heated grips
As befits a vehicle intended for all-year round use, the Integra can be enjoyed with heated grips, which keep the rider’s hands warm even in cold weather.

Fits easily under the seat and provides additional security.

Outdoor cover
This breathable and waterproof outdoor cover is ideal for protecting the Integra from the elements, and keeping it hidden from prying eyes when parked on the street overnight.